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considering what i have sen put into a berkey and was drinkable on other side… the container does not matter the filters do … still using Berkey filters.

i have many of these but one thing you should know is if the water has visible debris use a cloth filter first to extend use of the filters from berkey… scrubbing outside with a cloth and vinegar every few months will clean off amazing amount of terrible stuff from city water.

we put through the tailing pond water through it with an additional heavy metal cartridge … it was better than tap water.

three places never to cut cost on filtration water/air, weapons and accessories, tools mechanical and medical

i had a person a few years at me buying extra actual combat digi pattern brand new at $400 a top and pants…. you can get on ebay for $60 same pattern for both top and bottoms…. when we went at night and used nv/ thermal… it was a glowing difference they where a beacon me nearly no signature at less than 5 m. its the things you dont see coming that get you.