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Welcome Amanda. Speaking for myself, with a relatively uncomplicated life, I look forward to your account. In an earlier post, you commented that your story would not compare favorably with stories from Selco or others but I beg to differ. Every one of the members of this forum have experiencies that were life changing for them. They may be insignificant to some but of vital importance to others as it may make them sit back and think of what they would do in the same situation. They may someday be faced with a similar situation, and remember and learn from your experience. All of us has something to contribute. Several years ago, I drove a Taxi and was carrying a young lady to her job at a local hospital. I commented that my youngest daughter work there. She asked what my daughter did and I told her that she was a TECH. My passenger said her job was not nearly so important as she just carried records to those who needed them. My comment to her that I thought she had a very important job as the people she was taking the records to needed the information in order to do their jobs properly. IMHO, erery job has an importance to others. How long could a hospital continue to do their job if there were no people to make sure that the areas were clean and sterile? Maybe not the most glamerous job but essential. Sorry for the wandering