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namelus, all I can say is wow! I had a pine tree 50 foot high on the back yard on the side of my house and hurricane Wilma came though Miami, Florida and hit with a lot of rain and about 100 to 110 miles an hour winds. In the middle of the hurricane Wilma I look outside and the pine tree is down. I run to see if it hit the house and it landed in between my house and the house next door. didn’t hit anything so when I watched the video it just reminded me of that.

Hurricane Wilma had a piece of a fruit tree go though my kitchen window which at the time the wind started to come in and I had to go out in the middle of the hurricane and nail down a plywood to the window and when I hammered the plywood the wife asked me are you OK, well right when she asked me I didn’t look at the hammer and hit my thumb nail and blood went everywhere and four letter words where coming out of my mouth at the same time. Wife asked what happen! There was not one word coming out of my mouth. So there you are, great video.