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Last year we relocated full time to what was the bug out location, and at this point we don’t have anyplace else to go. None of our friends and family are better situated than we are. If anything others would seek us out. I’m pretty fit for my age (early 60’s) and could strike out on foot if I had to, but my wife isn’t as healthy or fit as I am, She couldn’t do it and so where we are is where we are come what may. My son who lives 100 miles away plans to come to my place if he can make it. It is for these reasons that I keep chipping away at improving upon the ability to be somewhat self sufficient on my property if it comes to that.

I live in a small valley that has only one paved road coming through it, and 4 narrow dirt roads coming into it. The hamlet could easily be isolated from vehicular traffic by dropping a few trees. Pretty much every household is armed and my plan is to help organize the neighborhood for mutual aid,both for security and skills/resource assistance. Small town New England culture still carries echos from our Puritan forebears where everyone was accountable to and responsible for the community. Committees and volunteers generally run things and that culture will lend itself well to dealing with the realities of post-SHTF living.

We bought the place going on 5 years ago now, and from the start my plan was to establish myself as a valued member of the community who had something to offer and at the same time works towards improving upon self sufficiency capabilities. I’m happy with what I’ve accomplished on both fronts, and will continue chipping away at it..

On the security issue, as noted already we can easily cut off vehicular traffic and foot traffic too coming by road,but there is a lot of empty forest around us which would be difficult to fully secure if folks wanted to hike in over the mountains on either side of the valley. I don’t know the answer to that, or even if anyone would go to the trouble vs going for easier targets elsewhere.

The other thing I haven’t an answer for yet is were we to drop trees to block access, where do we do that? That effectively sets the boundaries of “us” vs “them” but the reality is as you radiate out from the core part of the hamlet it isn’t that it becomes unpopulated so much as the houses get fewer and further apart.