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74, I agree, for example paintball I believe we have a long post on the uses of paintball in a SHTF. If there is any additional information on the use of paintball a new post can be done. I did a post on what is the best way to filter water this week.

There is a time when the website slows down and there are no post at all so in though times I do look into what is the best news out there to keep the website post going. What is really happening is that new members are not looking at the old posts and maybe some of the members need to re-post on the old post to get them to the front web page Recent Replies so the new members can see them.

I have never had a problem when some post how to cook something which doesn’t have anything to do with SHTF or off topic post which some of us do sometimes, but if the news on the slow days doesn’t get posted there would not be much going on the site for days.

Everyone needs to put there part but do not complain about what part one member in posting because it looks like we are posting when the website has no post and we are keeping the website interesting since what I have been studying is that the news area is the largest response of post by the members on the website.

The one’s that are complaining need to find subjects to post or go back to the old post and re-post so that the members can respond with a new post.

I personally NEVER complain about anyone or anything they post. I will respond to a post with what I believe is the truth when I see lies. But never complain, it is a waste of my time like this post right now is. Members should know better that the website is full of old post with so much information on survival.

I personally will keep doing what I have been doing posting what is interesting to me. Please post what is interesting to you not just come into the website everyday an post a complaint and not to add new information which 74 and I do everyday.