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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>Robin wrote:</div>Mountain Biker, think of using rocks. Nice round creek/river bottom style. Put them in the fireplace/stove/heater and let them get hot. Put in a device with holes (or a hose you can clamp off) and add water for your shower.<br>

From a practical stand point this is a lot of work for a small amount of warm water. You need to heat the stones, then lift the hot rocks into a container over head or carry them to the second floor or something I’m not sure just what. Water still needs to be stored or pumped overhead. This will be a lot of work to get 4 people cleaned up and it take a lot of time to reheat the stones between showers.

Why not heat water in a storage vessel and pump it to the shower or use a vessel overhead and use gravity for the shower.