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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>tweva wrote:</div>I use a wall in my office that I simply taped off in squares. Each square is for different aspect of endevour; i.e. water, security, food, shelter, future projects to consider etc. I tack the current list of projects, in order of importance (how I ranked them) in each one. Each project has a complete description and list of materials and estimated cost required for it (if any) and estimated completion time, written out, and each project for each area is kept in a small binder on a shelf below the board for the area/subject it relates to for easy reference.

I have a mark n wipe board with the months written across the top. Dow the left side is a list of current projects (that were previously ranked in order of importance) and thus I keep track of the timeline/progress.

Tweva, What you describe is a classic Preventive Maintenance Scheduling Chart used in most pre-computerized manufacturing plants. Kudos to you for finding the proper methodology.