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EDIT: I found this on a CDC Fact Sheet
The prevention of Ebola HF presents many challenges. Because it is still unknown how exactly people are infected with Ebola HF


I’m having trouble believing the news on this. 100 medical personnel staff have died and they are trying to tell us that it is not extremely contagious. This is the PPE recommended by the CDC:
All persons entering the patient room should wear at least:
Gown (fluid resistant or impermeable)
Eye protection (goggles or face shield)
Additional PPE might be required in certain situations (e.g., copious amounts of blood, other body fluids, vomit, or feces present in the environment), including but not limited to:
Double gloving
Disposable shoe covers
Leg coverings

If I was the safety manager for a company (and I was) and 100 of my employees died from improper PPE or procedures OSHA would put you in jail (they look for criminal negligence when 1 employee dies). What I see looking at pictures of medical staff involved with infected patients are people well prepared for non toxic atmospheres. There is no reason that 100 people should have died with the protection level they have been using if the PPE was for the proper exposure level.

Which means that it is not the right PPE. Not one of the pictures shows a person with a respirator designed for toxic atmospheres. Medical staff that have become ill are breathing the virus through the masks they are wearing because they are not sufficient to stop particles as small as a virus. They are not wearing the right breathing protection. Airborne contamination is the only thing that could present an exposure to these workers.

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