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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>undeRGRönd wrote:</div>Kewl Stuff, MATT!<br>
Don’t you love it when they line up? :D

No revolvers of my own, but Dad has a few.<br>
I round out the armory with the autos ;)

I’m gonna guess you are younger and I mean no offense but revolvers have real advantages over semi-autos in a life or death situation. I have people come in everyday looking for there first gun and it amazes me when a little ole lady comes in and wants a Glock! 9 outta 10 times there grandchild told them that is what they needed. I own semi-autos, Ar 15’s, shotguns…. and a revolver sits on my nightstand at night and there is one on my wife’s as well. In a life or death situation revolvers don’t jam and in a real world situation you can cause your semi-auto to jam. Nervous, scared and when you fire you limp wrist it and the ejecting case stove pipes and now you are trying to clear your gun when you should be firing your second shot. Revolvers don’t jam. Glocks are not cool they are very reliable guns if they fit your hand and you have practiced with that particular gun. Brand envy will kill you, I know I have gone off on a tangent but people need to be aware that brand and type are not relevant, this is not a designer pair of shoes. This is a weapon that will save your life or get you killed. The right gun for you is the gun that fits your hand the best and you shoot the best with.