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Freedom, I think I get what Tweva is on about. In my weird sounds post I felt like she jumped all over me. But I think I figured out why (and Tweva don’t worry I’m not offended!) and its because this site really is unique in that it is a no BS prepping site. This means skills, gear, tactics, etc. You know what I mean.

Our posts about weird sounds, Yellowstone, ebola, etc of course have their uses… this is not being debated. What she is frustrated about is that they can be distracting from the much more useful learning that goes on here. I admit, the news of the day section is like a bug light to me. I can’t stay away… and then instead of posting about how quickly my buddy and I began to dehydrate on our insane paintballing weekend (which I planned to do… I was shocked at how quickly this happened to us and planned on sharing followed by facts about how much water a person needs and tips to find it) I instead post my ideas about the latest news you, me, or whoever has posted.

We’re stealing her spotlight… but it’s not about her. It’s about focusing on the real-deal survival techniques and experiences we all signed up here to find. Of course, we are free to continue posting whatever we want but I think what she wants to say here is: please keep it to a minimum!