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Thanks tweva, I’d love to help other manage their properties towards better self sufficiency. That would be fun if somehow such an opportunity came along, and I’ve an eye for the aesthetics so I could make it look good if they want that too. A few details here and there can make a huge difference but most folks are utterly clueless in that regard. There are some rich folks around here with their big properties but most are working class. When looking for a place I avoided the ski resort communities and the traditionally wealthy places and instead looked in areas where average people live. Come a SHTF scenario the last thing I need are a bunch of entitled unskilled affluent people from NY/NJ/CT who’ll arrive with their checkbooks and not much else. What I wanted was a good property that might allow a reasonable level of self sufficiency and I wanted it in more of a working class area where the folks have practical skills. Most of our friends and family thought we were out of our minds to buy what we did but they couldn’t see the potential that I saw, nor did they understand my motivation for distancing myself from the BoWash corridor (the Boston to Washington DC megalopolis for the non-Americans here).