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Amanda11, We have hundreds of posts that we all did on many topics. I know that they are not easy to find on the forum some times but if you ask us any questions that we may help you prepare we will be more the happy to try to answer them.

From how to prepare for any SHTF problems that you can think about just post it.

If we have what you are asking already posted we will find it for you so you can read it and ask more questions.

When you see us posting the news it is to keep us updated and give our opinions, many of the news are on things that may start an SHTF time like financial collapse or diseases.. The news just happens to renew everyday but we are all here to answer all your questions and if you study the website it is full of prepping posts.

That is why we all welcome new members by telling them to start going though the forum’s old posts were you will find it full of posts with information.

You can also ask any of the members by PM them direct, we will help you.