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I’m still new to this site, and like most of you took Selco’s course because I was not only inspired to learn from his experiences, but also to show in some small tangible way how much I appreciated a website that focused on what people were actively doing. I don’t yet have a set network of like-minded people, so this was the first place I felt comfortable (and compelled) to join.

In the last few days I’ve seen so many hot-button news and politics topics pop up that are repeats of many true/partial truth/speculation stories I can access on any number of websites. I choose not to view or engage in those threads, because what I really want to see (and learn from all of you, who are so much more experienced than I am) is what you are all doing to actively prepare yourselves for anything coming your way. Tweva, your breakdown on raising quail made my day (and I’m SO excited to start, flight obstacles and all!).

What set this website apart from the rest was the knowledge available to be gained through all of your real-life experience. To someone like me who doesn’t have anyone to ask when questions arise, that’s an absolutely priceless resource. I can read news stories anywhere. What I really need is a place I can bounce ideas around with other like-minded people who are respectful of varying opinions.

I guess I might be in the minority here as well, but I remain hopeful some of the focusing on politics and conspiracies will calm back down and I can continue to learn (and hopefully contribute!) to this place I’ve really started to get attached to.

Hope you all are having a great evening! :-)