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MountainBiker – thanks for your post and for sharing! I, like you, have traditionally kept most everything in my head. I am a very organized person and have been blessed to have a photographic memory on-call. But moving here 4 years ago and running a small business of our size was a real challenge…particularly as I was getting older (something one always hates to admit). I, among other things in preparing for alternative incomes when SHTF, have used my skills at organization, to help other (usually much more wealthier than I) people ‘manage’ their properties. The people that their subconscious knows they need to prepare but are still wrapped up in the /now/). It’s been very interesting. I have now, 2 ‘clients’ I am ‘helping’ to ‘prep’ their large farms. THEY decided my rate…chuckle..not me. It is beyonf generous. They have seen my farm, they have checked out me and my business and my previous ‘big’ business background (haha…and my significant other) and I somehow, not surprisingly really, it checked all the requisite boxes…I ‘qualified’.

‘Thei’r biggest ‘thing’ is…organization. They want a quick read on what needs done, why I think that and, of course, what that will cost and a one and 3 year plan.

The learning involved in truly pursuing self-sufficiency is, I agree with you…amazing. Who the heck knew right?’

I mention that not only because it may be something, with your background you might want to consider dabbling in as it can be also a bit of a being ‘paid to learn’ – (and I don’t mean being deceitful…just in helping someone able to spend more/do more…even more than the substantial amount you can do one self given your level… is always a learning experience)… but because I understand the transition of managing ‘people’, an ‘industry’ and thing’ a ‘product’, a ‘project’ to….well…this…where we, you and I have met, online.

Sounds like you and your family are transitioning well an joyfully. I do know your area; have lived/grown/gardened for 6 years or so in northern CT, …if you think I might help just let me know.