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I’m a highly organized person but I feel like an amateur compared to Leopard & tweva. I don’t do lists, not unlike when I was in college I didn’t take notes. I just keep it all in my head. Just the way I am. Over the past 4 – 5 years I went from living in a small town quasi suburban type community in Western, MA to buying a bug out property in Vermont that was a fixer upper inside & out to now living there fulltime with the renovations complete, a large roof added off the back of the garage/barn to shelter my wood pile, a permanent greenhouse with potting/storage shed attached, a Simple Pump hand pump added to my well, Country Living grain mill bolted to a canning workbench my son & I built, various fruit trees & shrubs planted, a quarter acre veggie garden started, bought an apple press to go with the small orchard that came with the property, and set aside a whole lot more tools and supplies, and until the end of last year worked 50 – 60 hours a week at my paying job. I just keep moving forward on whatever project it is I’m working at. Another things is I accumulated a substantial library of how to type books for future reference as may be needed.

Going forward I plan to plant more fruiting trees & shrubs this autumn, start making apply cider vinegar for canning purposes, and come to terms with how best to manage my new greenhouse and veggie garden.

My experience is each new thing I try to do or learn surfaces preps I didn’t realize I needed to have and additional things I need to learn. Even if I don’t become expert I am better off than I was before I started. I am also more confident that I can do even more. Back in the 5 – 10 year window is when I started my first veggie garden and learned how to can various items, make saurkraut and such, make bread, and do hearth cooking. That’s also when I took up shooting and got myself armed.

There is not a week goes by but that I realize something else I need to set aside or learn. It is by coming to forums like this that some of that comes about.

And Leopard, if you need bars on your windows, there is a message there shouting at you. I know SA is home, possibly for hundreds of years for your family, but your ancestors and mine reached a point in centuries past when they knew it was time to go.