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Freedom dear…but it is a round robin isn’t it.? You post these stories from other sites…, it strikes a nerve of fear, concern, worry (R vs D etc) and people react; people endlessly, endlessly comment/speculate/react to the story
content true or not. Self-perpetuating. I have lately been wondering how many forum members are actually, actively, doing something about changing their situation, daily, consistently,;acquiring the things they need, actively doing what it takes to learn new skills….versus being armchair traveler’s and just talking about it when really just seeking a ‘forum’ to vent on the issues of the day. ‘Oh it’s useful and important to keep track of.’ Yeah, well there’s many places you can do that. Why here? Why this forum?

Frankly, just speaking for little old me on 12 acres, active, daily, trying to be more self-sufficient….the importance of endless discussion to me is lost…many, many stories change hour by hour, day to day.

Lately, I don’t think what I have to offer is of any remote interest other than to an armchair observer to most forum members’ or the things that I need to learn or can use – practical, useful, solid help with and would like to learn are on offer or available here. You might like to read about how I live and what I may post Freedom..but trust me, I would not be missed…even by you.