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tweva, I understand you but this website has many parts to it and the part of the news is an area which gets a lot of response and opinions.

The posts that you do are very interesting an I love reading every single one and learn a lot from them. My wife doesn’t like the news or conspiracy news at all, so I only give her the most important news in a two to three minute talk and that is it. So this has happen to me where something big has happened and the wife tells me why didn’t you tell me and I tell her well I really didn’t think it was important to include in our two to three minute news talk that day.

So I understand, so please when you see some of my news post only read the one’s that you think are important and please tell me if the news post is a lie or true. We are living in times where news lies all the time and people believe the lies.

I do believe you are right that it is a guy thing but not totally. I have to say that the youth is lost in this country, I have to talk to my kids all the time and educate them. They tell me that there friends do not know 50% of what they know when it comes to the history and news.

Remember that the minority has a say here too! Just don’t put to much on my news post, don’t let it get to you and please keep posting, I read them all.