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Dearest Freedom,
I understand where you are coming from. Truly. But to me, I speak for myself, all of these news sites you post articles from have their own forums. If I were inclined, that is where I would engage the news of the day discussions that you and others, apparently like.

I did not join the forum to do here what I could do on the sites originally putting out the stories, wherever they may be. Before Selco, I had never, ever considered paying for a course in ‘survival’. Selco has real experience, knowledge to learn from, yet is humble, very humble in stating he wants to learn from others. Discussion on the news of the day,f or me, again, for me,….does nothing here I can’t do elsewhere. IMHO better elsewhere, where the story started. Here I’d rather see and see encouragement of what people are DOING about the future (as opposed to reading and discussing), ideas they have on how to solve problems, share their struggles and successes in preparing, taking advantage of the multitudinous talents and skills I know current participants possess that I do not. If I wanted to get into endless commentary and opinions on each new story and subject of the day I would, again, engage on the forums where they originally started.

Educating the youth of today, here?…the youth that find and participate here have already educated themselves…or want to DO something about it…and are by trying to participate.

I guess i am in the minority. Leopard, Amanda and I being the few women. I guess I should chalk it up to a ‘guy thing’?…or probably more correctly the needs felt by the predominant forum members. The story of the day and discussion is of more usefulness than what I, seeking self-sufficiency on my little place with far to go is looking for in a forum. I bow to the majority.