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WhiteKnight – I do take this semi-seriously because I work with the ‘general public’ many times a week and after 26 years I have a very keen ‘sense’ of generally, where Joe Blow public stands on one thing or another. The general public (GP) is scared the ‘f’ out of their wits right now – high anxiety – too much information from too many sources they do not have the luxury of time or sometimes intelligence to investigate, contemplate and decide for themselves. I refuse to add to that distress. I do not want to see my fellows dumped unnecessarily with more stuff (however oddball) to worry about. Selfishly, ‘I’ don’t need my less insightful,less thoughtful, with less leisure to absorb and cogitate, ‘neighbors’ stirred up more than they already are. The big o does quite a good job all on his own. I understand how u meant it but it these days it times where things are in tinder like condition in many areas, on many subjects…I think it only prudent to be very very careful of these things. People don’t read these days or read fully…it is a quick scan and their internal biases or what the heck ever fills in the blanks. I know this.I am a retailer. Post the clearest sign ‘not for sale’….’how much is that?’…the general ‘public’, people do NOT r.e.a.d….. they scan and interpret what they want to hear or believe.

So everyone that has wondered above about how widespread this ‘phenomena’ is…look at the map I posted. THAT MAP shows you how widely this phenomena has been reported. White KNight…thanks at least it was a change of subject from ebola!