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Xocjm, I agree with you that there are to many information websites that are giving you a reason to buy there products only. Also other websites do not tell the truth.

You will find me posting many of the articles that may not be telling the truth on here, reason is all the members will post there opinions and this is a very good thing because it points to the lies so the new members can see and read that there are many websites with information that is not backed up with facts.

Some will post FREEDOM this is a lie, what they do not understand is I know it is a lie or part lie and a small amount of truth in the articles but the point is that I am very interested in everyone see the truth.

So Xocjm, if you read something that you are not sure about and you may be thinking this maybe true please post it and let everyone know that you are not sure and you want there opinion. They will let you have it, believe me no one here will hold back.

For example yesterday I read an article on Yellow Stone and I posted it, I though the article was a lie but still wanted everyone’s opinion and I got it. I come from a Communist country were news doesn’t happen. When Cuba was not a communist country many never even watched the news or went to the elections to vote because they didn’t care,only cared about there problems and how to take care of them self’s well look at what happen 53 years of a Communist Dictator.

So sorry but the news is as important to keep your eye on as preparing for the future. News will give you an idea of what is coming ahead of time. We got change for a reason! Change came because 50% of the public is not educated on history of the world, they never watch the news and many do not even know who is in the Senate, House or Vice-President much less what the debt of the Nation is. If you were to ask a young person what the National debt is they will give you a look, then when you tell them $17.5 trillion then the look changes.

We will not be able to change the way the country is going until we educate the youth of the history and what is really happening. We can’t just prepare and not try to teach why we(country) are all going in this direction. Educate with the truth, with information, with the right news, show them what is happening all over the world. We can’t live in a hole not watching what may happen,.

Do not be silent and not post something just because you may think it is a lie because one of this lies may turn out to be the truth. They will put out 100’s of false flags but one may turn out to be true and if you didn’t post it then you will blame your self for not posting it.

That is one of the best things that you can get on this website, no one is holding back and everyone will give you great and truthful opinions.