Pheonix, I’m sorry your nephew went through the Swine Flu experience, and for everyone who suffered along with him.

Yes, government officials lie like troopers when it suits them, but it doesn’t mean they lie about all things at all times. I fully accept what you were pointing out in your post about what really happened with the swine flu, and it is an example of officials lying to us.

However, the Swine Flu is a respiratory disease, easily spread, but as far as I know Ebola isn’t a respiratory illness according to all I’ve been able to find out about it, and therefore it can’t have the same opportunities for contagion as a respiratory disease. I’ll accept that the information could be completely hidden from us, but I can only speak about what I know so far, and I’ve read nothing to suggest that Ebola has the threat level to the general population that is being assigned to it by fear.

Truthfully, if Ebola is actually airborne, then I have no explanation as to why there hasn’t been thousands, or tens of thousands, of victims in these last few months in the communities where it has been showing up, especially when some time for infection happens before symptoms begin to show.

In any case, everyone can make up their own minds about what they think, and that’s how it should be. Cheers.

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