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Xocjm – people click around the net and forget that blogging and alt news sights are a ‘business’ for most. There is such a proliferation, especially in regards to the ‘survival’ area, that intelligence tells you to always take all the fear-inducing headlines with a hefty grain or bag of salt. With so many vying for ‘eyeballs’ (so they can usually make money on the adverts on their sites), and so little ‘real’, ‘true’ news,…and with a lack of unbiased, professional investigative journalists (and most couldn’t afford to pay or hire them)….you have to know that stuff just gets regurgitated, headlines are sensationalized, certain words or writing styles are employed…to get you to stay on the freaking page!

Even here sources are cited my mind tells me are complete crap. For instance, yesterday…Yellowstone was nOT evacuated. I have family nearby – they would have told me – and I later did check.

This is how fear spreads. This is how anxieties rise. This is how riots start. Someone said someone and that person knows this….and on and on. For what does lie in our future we all would be well advised to practice control, practice calm and practice focus. Tough skills to learn in the best of times. Form me my gut tells me to focus on my skills and acquiring the things our group will need and not clutter up my mind and emotions with all kinds of stuff I have no control over anyway.

I joined the forum to learn from others, especially Selco and his experience, not endlessly discuss the news. I have said that before. So yes – question everything and keep doing!/preparing.