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Elijah – thank you for that! The fear, suspicion, hysteria being evidenced everywhere over this is beyond belief and very sad. Reminds me of when AIDS first became widely reported. Actually watched a nurse, yes a nurse, in a department store dithering over trying a hat on to see how it looked, because ‘she might catch AIDS’!.

What is more concerning is that as preppers, with some of the stuff being written here, opinions on the latest, greatest ‘news’….what will happen when some other SHTF happens? I hope people don’t get consumed with this so they don’t get up but continue DOING something to actually prepare for future emergencies – including possible pandemics. For me, that’s a bit further down my list then the current top 10 – one of which is to learn (still learning) how to feed the group reliably in all weather/conditions, secure my place and property, etc..

The discussions on practical preparedness are dropping to zero on the forum lately with all the news of the minute commentary. IMHO. If that’s what everyone wants who am I to say otherwise?

Again, thanks Elijah.