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Unless it becomes a crisis of epic proportions, meaning the government believes it can no longer control it and is nearing collapse as a result of this, we will never hear of how bad it actually is/was.

For example, a few years ago my nephew caught swine flew and bronchial pneumonia at the same time. He had to be put into a drug induced coma for a month while the doctors treated him. His total time in the hospital was a little over six weeks. My nephew was three years old and weighed about 40 lbs when this started. When it was over he weighed about 20 lbs and the doctors put a feeding tube in so so he could be fed while he slept so he would gain weight faster. The fact he survived is a miracle.

We had had a swine flue outbreak earlier that year where only 11 people died so it was classified by the government and reported by the media as not having been as bad as it could have been and they all patted each other on the back for doing such a great job of containing and controlling it.

While his son was being treated my brother spoke at length with the nurses and doctors assigned his sons case and what he found out was horrifying. The truth is that during the time of the “small, contained outbreak of swine flu” over 150 people had died from it at that hospital alone. All of them either children or pregnant women. While my nephew was there a six year old girl died from it.

The truth is this Ebola outbreak could be far worse than it is being portrayed by the government(s) working to control it and we will not know until it is too late.