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White Knight this has been going on for decades. All kinds of whacko, tin foil hat and conspiracy theories surround it. There is a map of The World Hum. Here’s a link to an article about it posted on Extinction Protocol, but I think it is biased/opinionated. Personally, rather than go the conspiracy, tin foil or other route I have no problem imagining the earth, a living thing that is HUGE, shifting, changing and reacting to space atmosphere (and human induced changes) …uhhh…makes noise! But, that’s just MHO. Nonetheless, here’s the link. With the access from the internet to so much information, from good/sound sources …and not….the fear level, very sadly is growing way out of proportion in the world. Next we’ll all be fearing or suspecting our own shadows of plotting something. You all can make of it what you will.

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