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There is definitely a place for “close area communication” afforded by the small FRS/GMRS radios. Troops in Iraq, used FRS radios, because they found them easier to operate for squad/platoon level comms, then the SINCGARS radios.

As for the non-tactical Roger Beep…

At my hunting camp, we have the “No Roger-Beep Rule”. We do a radio check every morning, inside the cabin. If your radio Roger-Beeps during radio test, you make breakfast for everyone. If somebody’s radio gives a Roger-Beep after the day’s hunting has started, they must buy a case of beer for the camp. If you leave your radio unsecured, and someone else turns your Roger-Beep on… you are STILL liable. Part of the fun of deer camp.

Here’s how to silence the Roger Beep on that series of Motorola Radios

To turn talk confirmation off, turn your radio off and then back on while
pressing and holding [+].