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Great idea! Being able to take a hot shower is the one item I’ve yet to have a solution for post-SHTF. Of course implementing what you describe is easier said than done for those of us who aren’t jacks of all trades.

If you have fireplaces, something to keep an eye out for at tag sales or such are stoneware pots. Brand new they are pretty pricey. I took a course in hearth cooking a few years back and we used stoneware right in the fire and they worked great. Ordinary ceramic type pots and earthenware will crack if used in a fireplace. Having cast iron pots work too, and again given how pricey the good ones (Lodge) are, always keep an eye out for any folks are letting go. On that topic, be very wary of cast iron made in China. There is no telling what kind of junk metal (think engine blocks) they might have used. You don’t want your food absorbing poisons that way. Lodge cast iron of any age or old pre-China cast iron made in the US is what you want.