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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>tweva wrote:</div>Fresh from the fields says silly little me…. and ‘WHAT THE F can YOU do about it? Seriously guys. Pontificate all you like///but you are tilting at windmills. Looking for signs of collapse in a mind set of fear? Watch China;if u<br>
must. Yadda, yadda speculate endlessly. Sorry guys. My theory is stop wasting your time on the keyboard…and get to it.(practical, concrete action) ; of course each according to one’s beliefs/abiltie.!

Right back at the fear, endless discussion about the what if’s guys- right? Come on..watch, read less on the ‘tubes’ (old and new)…just f>ing get on with it.Think of what you could have accomplished in the time you have spent complaining or commenting on the ‘news of the day’. What serves your best interests/time? Stated with great fondness for all… Tweva

Tweva, I understand your frustration and admit I am most definitely a guilty party. I have indeed been spending too much time looking into what will happen and not enough time in preparing for whatever it is that might be thrown at us. It is not fear that motivates me to constantly watch the news of the day (though I can only speak for myself), but rather morbid fascination; curiosity. Just wanting to see what will happen next, I guess.

But once again I join your call back to the basics and away from speculation. I will be doing a quick review on a pair of basic radios I used this weekend and how they performed as a step in the right direction. I hope all of my fellow news addicts will join me there, or somewhere else!