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roadracer, I very much appreciate your explanations and attempts to educate the rest of us. I was an operations and numbers guy for 40 years retiring recently as Exec. VP & CFO where I worked. My nature is that of a hopelessly organized detail guy. I know that the nuke power industry is heavily regulated and that much money is spent on ensuring safe operations and in having smart highly qualified people doing the work. Most potential disasters that might happen to a nuke plant are going to be localized in nature as opposed to being national in scale. Localized means assistance and resources can quickly come from afar if needed, even if “local” is as big as say Katrina or Sandy in geographic scope. Even an EMP that is only local in scale doesn’t worry me too much as concerns the nukes because we’ll still have the ability to have emergency generators and fuel brought in to tend the spent fuel pools, and all of the other resources (food, water, security) needed to support the nuke plant workers during a recovery period. It is large scale EMP that worries me, large meaning most of the continental US, meaning help isn’t coming from anywhere else. Do nuke plants have specific plans for an EMP? This is both how to tend the spent fuel pools and having the necessary supplies set aside to maintain the necessary staff? I’ve been a volunteer with a local govt. pandemic flu preparedness and response group that has had to deal with State and Federal govt. I can assure you State/Fed. govt. plans in that regard are at best nonsensical. Their supply plan assumes what they need to buy will be there when they need it and they are double and triple counting the medical staff that would be involved. By extension I assume that the Feds have not required nuke plants to have large scale EMP response plans, hence my question as to whether nuke plants have made plans themselves. This is the ultimate exercise in detail. No external power means no fuel deliveries, no food deliveries, societal chaos/security issues and so forth. Hungry people don’t just go to work as usual,