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Jay – I have a whole house water softening and filtration system which is a PIA because I have to change filters every 6 weeks or more, if we have lots of rain. It filters out fine sediment particles, removes the sulpher smell etc. Every other time I change the filters (every 12 weeks) I send a well sample to our health department. Mostly I am concerned for the e coli, coliform, nitrates and gasoline. (Here int he country you’d be surprised at how casual people are with gas/diesel. They just dump/empty it and motor oil on the ground – wherever. Since a neighbor stopped running cattle and dumping dried human waste sludge on his fields I am a little less anxious about the water.

Here’s a great link to the subject of water for private wells and if you click on the left of the page – water for humans in general. Good education. Need to know this stuff peeps. – or at least be aware.