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Good for you Mr. Red!

Leopard – can you even remember when your life was simpler and you didn’t have all those extra things to do, taking up your time, just to try and stay safe? Bless you.

I use a wall in my office that I simply taped off in squares. Each square is for different aspect of endevour; i.e. water, security, food, shelter, future projects to consider etc. I tack the current list of projects, in order of importance (how I ranked them) in each one. Each project has a complete description and list of materials and estimated cost required for it (if any) and estimated completion time, written out, and each project for each area is kept in a small binder on a shelf below the board for the area/subject it relates to for easy reference.

I have a mark n wipe board with the months written across the top. Dow the left side is a list of current projects (that were previously ranked in order of importance) and thus I keep track of the timeline/progress.

I keep a small notebook with me that has a list pasted in it of a master list of materials that will be required for the top 5 projects in each category (if any). This I keep with me in my vehicle. When I am out and about if I see a good deal on something or something in a thrift, restore or even at the free shed at the dump I have the information (used mostly for size/dimensions for materials) that will help me know if it would work for future project, or if i’d just be hauling more junk/stuff to store back to the place.

Instead of worrying about New Year’s resolutions, I review it all every January and add/delete/modify as needed.

I just have to try and organize it like this, for me, to feel like I am semi-moving forward with my goals.

For the more mundane tasks of maintenance of place, preps, etc….there is a calendar (well make that plural) I refer to daily together with the crop/garden calendar and calendar for the livestock (i.e. when to worm, etc).