I am sharing the day to day routine of some things I do every day. Very simple things that simply need to happen every day to keep us safe, or to save money.
General things : Put rubber color tags on different keys for identification and to keep them from making to much noise. Keep house keys on your body. 24/7. Prevent being stuck in house in case of fire or attack. Prevent someone to make duplicate keys. Spare keys with yellow key tags at certain rooms in case of fire. With burglar bars on all windows, doors are the only option.
Keep fire arm on your body while awake. Within reach while sleeping. Put shoes and socks next to bed, with clothes & warm jacket “fire brigade” ready.
Early morning – Open curtains to warm up the house – safe electricity. Put solar lights in the sun.
Two way radio (Ham radio). Charge batteries for two hours. It gets used daily.
Clean chicken area. Clean bowls. Feed and water. Remove eggs.
Water herb and vegetable garden. Make sure everything around house (burglar bars) and fence/ wall is still in order.
Tend after seedlings inside the house. Exercise if there is time. Shower/bath water runs through chicken pen instead of the drain. Start work
Always reverse park vehicle. Plan routes to prevent wasting time and gas (petrol) money. Drive during times when there is less traffic. Take different route to places you visit often. Take different route home.
Before leaving the house – close some or most curtains. Leave music playing.
Afternoon: Plan meals ahead and put into cob to cook slowly. Look after animals. Play with dog (stress relieve) Bring fire wood into house (not safe after dark) Waste paper go to fireplace. No personal information to be thrown into rubbish bin. Waste food given to chickens/dog or compost heap.
Close most windows. Close the curtains early afternoon to prevent criminals to look into the house. Bring portable solar lights in doors.
Make sure all doors are locked
Weekly – stuff
Look after what you’ve got (like our grandparents learned to do during their depression years) Spray/ oil squeaky door hinges and handles. Nothing worse than walking through the house in the dark, but the criminals can hear the doors. Maybe everything just sounds so much louder then?
During warmer season, plant vegetables in intervals to have availability over longer period.
Look at sales and specials – stock up.
Go to shooting range (stress relieve and bit of training) Clean and oil weapons (stress relieve) Nothing like the smell of gun oil.
Go through vehicle properly to make sure spare wheel is still the correct pressure. Tyres are running down balanced. First aid kit. At coast, power hose the vehicle underneath to prevent rust.
Deworm animals and humans every three to four months – keep you healthy
Reverse Osmosis Water filters get replaced at least once a year
Fire extinguisher though out the building gets checked and replaced just before winter.
Do Fun stuff : Training. Hand to hand combat. Swimming. Cycling. Trail Walking. Camping. Fishing
Practice knots, Reading.. SHTF School