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I remember about ten years ago I wanted to get into the business of sports clothing and I went to Mexico to some factories there to see what it would take to get into the business that I wanted to do. One of my biggest questions was to all of them was were else(countries) do you also sell to. Everyone told me the same story that the U. S. is the only country in the world that the consumer will buy a t-shirt or any shirt just because it is in today and then put it away and never to use it again.

They would tell me that all the rest of the countries together do not buy what the U. S. buys per year. That the people in the other countries buy a shirt to use it till it is not good anymore then and only then will they buy another shirt.

But the U. S. buys just because they liked it that day. So I learned that if I where to get into the business I would have to make it in the U. S..

So what am I getting at is China depends on selling to the U. S. but if the U. S. collapses it will have a very hard time because the rest of the world really doesn’t need them.