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When they where communist they didn’t have much money or value which is what will happen to them the minute the U. S. and Europe collapse. They will not have anyone to sell to. They are very depended on selling there goods.

This is the reason they are buying gold with the dollar, but what they do not know is what is gold? Gold is just a valuable metal that is not used much. Silver is used more but remember that when the U. S. and Europe collapse there is not much that you can do with gold.

We will not be buying with gold because the people with not have jobs to make the money to buy gold so the Chinese will not have anyone to sell there products. It will be cheaper to make the product here in the great U. S. of A.

The collapse of the dollar may be the slow collapse of China. Russia is another problem. Russia has oil and gas which is much more valuable then gold. Russia will do OK. China will be asking Russia to buy there goods in exchange for gas and oil. But the Russians may not be very interested in the Chinese products since they really have not needed the products before.

The U. S.Dollar collapse will make the U. S. products much cheaper then the Chinese product and the quality is much higher. China has always known that a cheap dollar will collapse them because it makes our products cheaper then there’s world wide.