I think the chinks would rather rule in hell than serve in Heaven… in other words, be No. 1 in a world with diminished economic capacity than No 2 or 3 in a world with vast economic capacity…. I think they know that the US is about out of real wealth. Anything they get from us now is just fiat currency – phony baloney bullshit currency we just invented. It’s toilet paper.

They’ve been buying up gold like mad – even rumored to be moving it on military transports to keep it off the world’s radar. The BRICS nations already trade in gold and in their own currency – to hell with the dollar. Russia and the chinks have already held talks re: rolling out a new gold-backed reserve currency.

Our own government has, for the last 4 years, had talks between the IRS, Treasury, Department of Labor, etc, to discuss how to “legally” steal everyone’s IRA’s, savings, retirements, etc, just like in Greece, Spain, etc – where they closed the banks for a “bank holiday” so they could steal everyone’s money. People went mad, so they said you could withdraw “limited” funds – like, 100 Euros at a time. When the banks opened again, I think it was 60% of people’s cash was just gone. Some bullshit about people being “shareholders” in the bank if they had deposits, which made the theft “legal”. Or taking people’s retirements “for safekeeping” or some bullshit like that…

European Central Banks already operate at a negative interest rate. How long till the rest of the EU decides to go after people’s retirements, too?… it is the last pot of any wealth left. They cannot squeeze the middle class anymore. The .001% literally do not have enough money to make a difference and the poor have nothing worth taking… it’s like a giant snake eating it’s tail…

I think we’re going to be seeing the endgame soon… maybe not this week, or next month. Maybe even a year or two down the road – it takes time for the runup to a collapse – but we will be seeing it…

Like Selco says – **** happens slow, then it happens in a hurry.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1