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No open flames of any kind are allowed on site. Everything would have to be electric. If I take a 10′ ax 6′ cargo trailer and convert it into a place for me to live I could easily mount solar panels on it and set up a bank of batteries and an inverter. I could supplement this with a generator or even a small gas motor driving an alternator to help keep the batteries charged when there is not enough sunlight.

I have been surfing the web for ideas and have seen some pretty good ones, but none of them allow for bath facilities when it is cold outside. When I was in the National Guard unscented baby wipes were the staple with showers whenever we could get one or even a bar of soap and a wood pallet to stand on during a rain storm if there were no females in your unit. FYI – rain water is always really really cold, but it gets you clean.

I was thinking a small 110v water heater for hot water. I could build a small spot where I could stand to wash and rinse easily enough. The water would have to be drained away from the trailer or ice would be an issue.

Not sure if we are allowed to tap into the company generator for power. I am leaning towards independence via solar power and a small generator of my own.

Even if I do not go I may build this just for me and the wife to get away ever now and then.