I have a few minutes before today kicks off (yesterday was a marathon maintenance day… mowing, trimming, raking, sweeping, moving a half ton of compost/poo and topsoil, generally getting our little place presentable for a couple dozen family and friends for after Dad’s internment on Monday… I was pretty cooked, so Mrs. Malgus let me sleep in a bit… she just tromped in – me knocked out on the couch – and hollered some question or other… which, of course, startled the **** out of me, so now I’m more-or-less awake and working on a cup of coffee… which is why I have a few minutes..)…

Don’t want to turn this into a I-hate-cops-because-here’s-why-and-they-all-suck thread… but I do have a couple points:

1. namelus is right about cops being the biggest gang. They all dress in the same clothes, all go armed, all speak in their own special code, all have a them-vs-us mentality, etc. This isn’t hardly at all different than a street gang, except cops operate under color of law.

2. Whirl is partially right. In a short-term emergency, cops know that Da Fedrul Goobermint has their back, that help, though it might be tardy, is on the way. Some will stick around, not all, as is evidenced by the events in NOLA.

3. To points 1 and 2, most cops have family to worry about. But, some don’t. These can (notice I did not say “will”) turn into the worst looters – again, as is evidenced during NOLA. A small crew of NOLA cops used and abused their authority to chase away other looters, thereby saving the best loot for themselves. Even the regular looters were bitching and complaining to the MSM that the cops were chasing them off, saving the best loot for themselves. If street looters are bitching about the cops being worse than they are, you know it’s bad.

They then took this stolen loot and sequestered it all in an apartment that was above the flood line. Security provided by – guess who? – MORE corrupt cops who had the advantage of being “legally” armed with fully-automatic weaponry.

4. Whirl is right in that during a long-term emergency – EMP, etc – where Da Fedrul Goobermint ain’t coming to the rescue, most cops won’t give two squirts of warm piss about you and your problems. They got their own families to worry about and will happily run you over in an effort to get to them. (NB: In their defense, that’s not a trait amongst just cops. I myself will happily run someone over in an effort to get to my family too, if you were attempting to stop me or bar my way… and that’s if I were limited to just a car.) Not to keep bashing on NOLA, but >some< cops did steal their issue patrol cars and used the lights and sirens to bypass traffic jams in an effort to get home to their families… we’re all conditioned like Pavlov’s Dog to get out of the way for an emergency vehicle. The cops know this and some used it to their own personal advantage… which is f*%ked up, but there it is…

5. I think that some law enforcement – specifically Sheriff’s – will try longer to maintain order. MOST Sheriffs are good men, live locally and know the people in the community personally. They will at least try to hold the center. Of course, just by playing the odds, some will also be dirtbags, but the odds are in our favor. Problem is, that most rural Sheriffs Offices are staffed only for small(ish) events and day-to-day operations. A BIG, long term disaster will leave many woefully understaffed… it is entirely possible we will see old time “posse’s” return, where the Sheriff swears in a couple dozen guys at a time….

6. In a power vacuum, of course folks will tribe up and form militias, even if only for self-defense. Yes, some will take it upon themselves to enforce their version of order, and I’m not advocating for anything or anyone here, but seriously – what is the alternative? Total anarchy? You guys KNOW that there’s gonna be some real sick-o’s who are just itching for something like this to happen so they can run rampant and live out their fantasies in real life… if those f*ckers get caught and hanged without a trial or shot dead and put on display, well? So what?

7. Religious groups, even fundies, I don’t mind much. In fact, I think we could do with a bit more religion in our lives, if only to provide a spiritual and moral compass… but, once they start burning people for being witches, then I got a problem. So long as they’re peaceful, I got no beef with them.

I could get really windy and just blather on, but time’s a-wasting… plus, the Missus is giving me the stinkeye… we got food and beer and booze to buy, plus – and I know you all will find this hilarious – I don’t own a suit. Really. Well, there’s the one I got married in, but if you all think I can fit my ass into that thing at 17 years range, you’re a better comedian than me… so, we gotta go hunt down something nice for me and our son…

Be back later… hopefully.

The wicked flee when none pursueth..." - Proverbs 28:1