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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>MountainBiker wrote:</div>When I heard the 1 in 3 adults in the media recently are in a collection process it shocked me to my core, but in retrospect I am guessing that this is grossly false statistic, but one that is being accepted as fact. I know that the economy continues to get worse and lots of folks are close to the edge but I’m not buying that 1 in 3 are actually in a debt collection process. My guess is that they are including everyone who might have ever been late a day paying the phone bill or electric bill etc.

30 years or so ago when “stranger danger” was all the rage, it was being tossed around as fact that their were 500,000 kids kidnapped each year in the US. As young parents at the time it scared us. Then I did the math on a prorated basis for my community and thought this number can’t be right because I’ve never heard of any kids in my town being abducted, let along multiple kids every year. Someone subsequently researched the topic and it turned out that there were about 800 abductions by strangers a year, not 500,000. Somebody was getting funding for child safety programs off of the 500,000 figure however while others made money selling fingerprint kits for your kids.

I’m sorry but I disagree, Half of all working age adults are unemployed and that is a statistic from our own government. If half are unemployed then a third in collection is a very reasonable number. Lets us also not forget this was not from the main stream media but a respected blog (which by that I mean I respect it) that has no agenda, or at least no more agenda than trying to make a living. Well I listen to myself and I guess we are all fucked!