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Last night I went to BJ’s (similar to Costco) for a preps run and spent $240 on stuff that I already have a lot of but I keep adding a little and a little more to the stash, in this case mostly using coupons to make my purchases feel like a bargain at least. This morning I’m thinking maybe a couple of the purchases were a bit frivolous but what’s done is done. I go for a haircut and the barber is having a discussion with one of the customers about going to the track and losing every bet. The other guy says he went last week and lost $240. The amount wasn’t lost on me. He has nothing to show for his $240 except for a couple hours entertainment whereas I have preps that may well sustain me and mine. So what can you do with $1 or $5. You can buy a coffee somewhere or you can buy a can or three of something and set it aside for the proverbial rainy day.