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Yeah, I liked the Great News Peeps tweva. Who is this imposter?

Roadracer, how is water going to get into the spent fuel pools, and who is going to do it? If the grid goes down, no fuel, food, or any other kind of deliveries will be happening. I imagine nuke plant employees who will understand the risk more than others will be doing their best to get out of Dodge rather than man a bucket brigade.

Whirlibird, don’t underestimate just how heavy water is. A mile is a long way. Good luck with a catchment system. In the arid parts of the country, there is no such thing as setting aside too much water. In these parts we start talking about how dry its been if we don’t get a good rain at least once a week or if we have to water the garden. I have a Simple Pump hand pump on my well which will give me limitless clean water. I also have a pond in the backyard and a river across the road. I figured I’d use water from the pond for the toilets being we’re on a septic system, but I also keep a lot of bottled water in the basement.