I would agree about staying on the job, but who’s gonna protect their families?
It all depends on the situation what will happen.

Short term is one thing, a couple days to weeks is hard enough on a person.
But you start talking about no .gov, no jails, no pay to cover the time and expenses, now it’s a whole different ball game.

HIstoricaly, looking at the NY blackouts, Hurricanes Sandy, Isaac, Katrina and more, the cops stayed and helped but they also knew they had both the citizens and the .gov behind them.

Cops are a target with a bright shiny bullseye on their chest. And that’s today with everything being reasonably normal. Have something bad happen and suddenly you’re the one representative of the .gov that everyone can identify and target.

I do not expect many LEO’s to stay on the job in the case of a severe SHTF situation, once the full extent of the incident is known.

Heck, look at Liberia, they shut the schools, sent everyone home to help stop the spread of ebola.
They are considering a quarantine to help stop the disease.
Now look at that from a LE perspective, you don’t want to get that, certainly don’t want to take that home with you.
Do you go into work knowing you are risking even more than usual, or do you stay home and keep your family safe?

You swore an oath to protect and serve.
But there is a limit to what you can do and the associated risks.
Now and then.