<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>74 wrote:</div>Tsar,<br>
In the USA some cops will get through the storm. Every one of them will decide that they are the rule of law. No matter what the situation is, be prepared to deal with cops.

Actually, for 95% of cops, they couldn’t care less.

They just want to be left alone, them and theirs.
Sure there are always self important jack-wipes in any organization, but honestly, the regular cops don’t like them either.

The cops are the least of your worries. they will be too busy just staying alive to worry about you.

Think about it this way, there isn’t a cop anywhere who hasn’t pissed some crook off, be it a DUI, dope, or just catching them being stupid. Only in the major cities can a cop be anonymous, everywhere else, people know where you live, what you drive, when you work. And without some form of restraint, i.e. the threat of jail, those same people will be out doing even more stupid things, like trying to get revenge.

During the initial stages, the cops will still be trying to keep a handle on things, that’s their job. They’re still going to be trying to help people.
After that, when it gets beyond control, when they’re told to go home and protect their families, or perhaps before and they see that it’s too late, they are going home. And god himself won’t be able to stop them from that.

The really funny part, there’s a surprising number of preppers in PD blue. They may not admit it, being even more opsec concerned than many, but if you actually get to know your local LEO’s, they’re not all bad and you never know that trainings you might be invited to, unofficially of course.