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Malgus, truthfully, I didnot know whether yr brief abscense was due to an obligatoryily sense ofv ..whatever…or what. But I did ‘ feel’, maybe a ‘chivkthing’? …astorey was in the wingd. My mostbheartfelt condolences Sir M…but try n find peace knowing yr father lovedu Iif a bit grumpy :)…) man. I can sense he beyond loves.. he adored his son..you M…and wondered how he was so fortunate to hold your love and high regard between his palms. He IS atpeace M.. he does know how much u love him. U will meet again. G od bless. LBreath. PRAYERS for yr peaceful acceptance be with you. Thank u for considering yr many friends here concern atbyr abscence. Tweva
more than he and the era he was raised in, cud ever edpress, Know he is so very proud of his son, his abilities, his intelligenfe…and rests at easenknowing, yet amazed,…is a father to such an erudite, ~well-considered, well spoken (