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74 – Well understand about ‘body won’t go anymore’! Sorry you too know that truth. BUT, inspire, rally, support, encourage…all positive things for those younger than us.Take deep breaths, and if able, offer (even if u don’t ‘feel; qualified’) to ‘teach’/help/assuage others. I was asked to ‘teach’ a class on ‘basic sewing’. What does that mean I asked. (I am NOT a ‘domestic diva’ by any stretch..) ‘Sewing on buttons, what to do if zipper does not work’!!!!!!! I could rail at ‘common core’ and previous ‘educational initiatives’…but what is the point. These guys and girls felt a real enough need to know how to sew on a button I made $250 for 2 hours ‘work’. (I did NOT set the rate) Seriously. I felt badly, truly, but they were equally intent.