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Less than $1 at dollar store:

-roll of clothes line
-tea light candles
-pack of lighters
-large pack of 10 boxed matches
-bag of cotton balls (many uses incl as fire starters/make your own)
-2 bags of steel wool (many uses too)
-bottle of isopropyl alcohol
-bottle of witch hazel (gonna garden – need this for sunburn and bug bites)
-box of generic bandaids
– roll of aluminum foil
-box of large black trash bags
-2 boxes of ziplock type storage bags – keep it together/keep it dry
-bottle of generic shampoo
-jug of real (not scented or concentrated) bleach
-multi-size little case of nails and screws
-DUCK TAPE!!!!!!!!! (…a personal fav don’t you know..) oooohhh…they have it in colors now too! :)
-(2) for $1 – iodized salt (can’t get enough of this)
-spices in individual sealed jars
-ramen noodles (10 for $1) – not necessarily very nutricious, but a full stomach is a good thing…watch the salt in it if you have heart/blood pressure issues
– jar of multi-vitamins …even if they don’t taste as good as Flinstone chewables..
-ASPIRIN – real aspirin – not aleve, not acetaminophin
-will add more later….gotta go ….time to go harvest soybeans

Even on a tight budget you CAN do SOMETHING, slowly but surely! Count that jar of change and see what it alone could buy to get you started. Save the bigger stuff for now newbies…it is important to just start