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Think EMP no more cpu records of debt…. no debt crisis….. restart at zero… motivate dumb into war frenzy. Blame Enemy for disaster that follows..not politicians fault. another false flag of epic proportions. It will leave most infrastructure in place just like a neutron bomb, who cares if a few billion people die they are safe inside hardened bunker …. they died of “natural causes” since disease and starvation are natural …. like in the great depression.

Or if even more disturbing…. a disease outbreak(insert one of many) then EMP… billions die … we had no way yo help the emp took all our communications… when you add these things together the braggarts always say what they will do before hand to say look you cant stop it no matter what.

Question is what re you doing to prep yourself … know the disaster is coming how where who what it will be is un known… now you know why urban survival is so very tough compared to rural.