It’s also the numbers game.

Look at the numbers again.

There are 8416 Wal-Mart stores in the US alone.

Each major manufacturer can make roughly 4 million rounds of .22 a day.
3 major manufacturers. Remington, Winchester and CCI/Federal (same plant/lines)
So 20 million rounds a week per manufacturer.

4 million divided by 8416 equals 475.28 rounds a store per business day, per manufacturer.
So each Wal-Mart can get less than a 500 round brick a day per manufacturer.

Then there’s the other retailers, online sales and more. I.e. Cabela’s, Sheels, and many more on down to the mom and pop stores.

Demand is greater than manufacturing capacity.
Put in a new factory people say, it takes nearly 2 years to build, equip and get to final production.
For a short term shortage or sales rush, it’s not worth the money. If they were guaranteed sales of X amount for
the rest of time they might be convinced, but it’s a matter of profit and loss. And with no guarantee of profit, no chance of a new factory.