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Thank you for the welcome, Novus! I have really been enjoying the forum threads and can see there is a wealth of knowledge to be gained here from many different perspectives. And it’s truly refreshing to find an online community as respectful of everyone’s opinions as this one is.

That’s wonderful your wife is becoming open to the concept! I’ve been slowly trying to bring the Hubby around on being prepared and learning new skills, but I think there will always be people who bury their heads in the sand refuse to acknowledge the unknown. He considers this my “hobby”, and that’s okay because we’re a team and I’ll learn enough for both of us. And since I’ve taken steps to ensure none of my preps are visible, he doesn’t feel like it’s shoved in his face. I’m keeping my fingers crossed he might be more open to the concept in the future, but time will tell.

That being said, it still boggles my mind that so many people haven’t woken up. During the Blackout every single person I knew had no power or water for at LEAST two days, and some were as long as nine. Since I lucked out with the township water I was the only one with an actual flushing toilet and had power the next morning, so my apartment was overcrowded with ten people (and all of them brought coolers full of meat from their rapidly defrosting freezers). We made the best of it and they all enjoyed being able to take a shower, sit in air conditioning (or do any other normal bodily functions other people with no water were having to do in rapidly overflowing toilets), but to this day not one of those original ten people have bothered putting any plan into place. The shower, toilet and A/C were all luxuries: even then I remember thinking “What happens when we go through all of this food we took out of our freezers?” and feeling compelled to change my entitled “someone/something will show up and save the day” attitude.

I look forward to your comments as well, and thanks again for the welcome!!