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Anselm. if you like city living and somehow think someone else will provide you with food and such come a long term SHTF scenario, or if you just don’t have anyplace else to go and will let fate be what it is, fine. Others of us who live in the country actually find it to be a far more pleasant life than urban living even if it isn’t to your taste. I much prefer watching the ducks visit my pond on their way north in the spring and south in the fall and watching the deer come out of the woods into my field early in the morning and at dusk. I can take hour or two walks up my road and enjoy vistas of the valley that words can’t do justice to, and rarely have more that 1 or 2 vehicles pass me the entire time, When I run errands in town and need to leave stuff I bought in the back of my truck while I go into the grocery store, it’s still there when I come out. When I got a flat one day in an area that didn’t have cell phone coverage, a stranger stopped without any prodding from me and gave me a lift to where there was cell phone coverage for me to call AAA,and that involved him turning around and bringing me in the opposite direction he was going in. There are even summer concerts, summer theater, and other cultural events. These things are not restricted to just the cities. Living in the countryside isn’t just for SFTF scenarios,. We have rich and full lives here, and come the SHTF, we’ll be pretty well positioned too.