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<div class=”d4p-bbp-quote-title”>LairdT wrote:</div>To keep a finger on the pulse of supply & demand, bring up http://www.gunbot.com in your browser, and select the .22LR hotspot. I get the impression it’s for online purchase, but a variety of container-size and round-precision (utility; match; etc.) are given in the “found some!/I have some!” column. They seem to be timely about when an offer gets bought out. Generally any 40-grain below 13c/round is bought out from gunbot within hours of its posting – and I’ve seen ammo as expensive as 24c/round also promptly bought. I’m advised that even 9mm and .40cal are coming back on big-box shelves – and staying until late in the sales day when they were stocked; not .22LR yet. I scored – enough – back when you could still buy it for 3c/rd and value-packs were 4-5 deep on the shelves. Until that’s again the case, I’ll be doing a lot of dry-firing.<br>
I’m told that CCI in Lewiston ID has laid off some of their people recently because they’re unable to get enough raw materials to keep their .22LR line fully open – significant parts of that raw material come from off-shore. Their full daily output was 16 pallets, each with 250,000 rounds aboard. Where I shopped retail B&M, CCI didn’t even get a dominating fraction of the shelf-space. So I infer that America is buying up a LOT of .22LR even yet.

I know I have said this at the beginning of a number of my posts and I’m not being redundant but it pertains to this post. I am in the gun business and the shortage of 22 ammo is not due to raw materials. 22 ammo has the same raw materials as 9mm. The reason you are not seeing 22 come back as quickly is because of profit. As long as everyone is gobbling up the larger calibers at higher profits 22 will be scarce. If a company can make twice as much profit making a 9mm and there lines are running full steam why would you make 22 and make less money. That is the reason you are seeing the larger calibers becoming more available. 22 will come back but don’t expect the same prices you have seen in the past. It is the same as gas. Gas was on average $2 a gallon when Barry Sotoro Hussien Obama was elected now were I’m at it is twice that price. It will never drop that low again because we have shown we are willing to pay that price!